Sunday, September 10, 2006

I apologize for the lag in posts! Life has been hectic with school, and the journal has been keeping me busy. However, I have to admit that I have a lot more time to myself now than I did last year. All of those second and third year students who assured me that this semester would be better than last year were right. I was somewhat skeptical because I could not imagine that law school could be an enjoyable experience, but I was proven wrong. The stress of the Socratic Method and the pressure of peer on peer competition have subsided greatly, and for the most part, everyone has mellowed out this year. I think a large part of it may be that we have picked our own classes and we are studying things that interest us on an individual level.

Speaking of things that interest people on an individual level, I had to take a Myers Briggs test for one of my classes, and this really amazing woman came in to discuss our results and explain how the results should apply to us. Apparently, my personality does not mesh well with being an attorney. I came out being an ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiver). The person giving the lecture, handed out a paper about personality types and attorneys, and my personality type was listed as the least compatible with the attorney lifestyle. It seems that since I am not a cold hearted bitch I will have a problem being an attorney because I will have a hard time separating my feelings from my cases. This may be true to some extent; however, I truly feel that the fact that I have the ability to feel for my clients is a positive aspect to being a successful attorney. I think it is important to be able to relate to your client and believe in them. I think that a lot of attorneys lack people skills and that is a really sad thing.

Anyway, my topic for my note and comment is due on Tuesday. I explored a lot of different avenues, and I have focused the possibilities down to two. Now tomorrow I need to spend time really refining it and picking the one that will work out for me the best in the long run, since I would like to try to get it published.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The first round of sub-editing was due yesterday. It went well, and I really enjoyed it. It almost felt like a game to me, like I was working with a puzzle that had a few pieces missing, but I still had to find some way to look past that and pull the big picture together. I think I am going to enjoy working on the journal. I have not gotten feedback from the article editor yet, but since the next round out will be assigned on Friday, I expect to have feedback by tomorrow.

I talked with one of the editors on the journal about note and comment writing. She suggested a professor for my advisor since my interest aligned with his. I have never had him, but I went and met him today. He seemed really nice, but strict. He said that he would work with me, but I was not to anticipate that it was going to be easy. I told him that it was supposed to be a learning experience and it was not supposed to be something that he just passes through. He seemed happy about this. I have to do a little bit of research to narrow my focus and then meet with him again. It should be interesting.

I am kind of nervous about the clinic that I am taking part in this semester. We had our first class yesterday and it was not what I expected at all. Apparently we are going to be thrown head first into representing clients. Do not get me wrong, I did expect to represent clients, in fact I was looking forward to doing something practical; however, I did not expect to be the only person standing in front of the judge representing the client. I thought that an attorney or the teacher would be alongside of me. Apparently it does not work that way. The teacher goes to the hearings but he stands in the back of the courtroom and does not get involved. I am worried that I will miss an objection, freeze, mess up on cross exam, or just fuck up royally so that the client loses. I know that an attorney does not win every case that he or she takes, but I do not want my inexperience to be what makes the case go down in flames. I am sure that I will get some guidance, I am just a little on edge about the thought of being up there alone and screwing up.

Anyway, to end on a happy note, my boyfriend got a full time tenure track teaching position. YAY. :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Apparently, as per the ABA, law students are not allowed to take more than 17 credits a semester. In order to comply with this, I dropped Prof. Responsibility. The reason that I picked that course to drop is that it is offered every semester and I am not going to take the MPRE until the summer anyway.

Law Review Orientation was much less intensive than I thought it was going to be. Although, seeing all of the deadlines for sub-edits and the note and comment that new members must write, was a little overwhelming. I enjoy doing this kind of work so I do not really mind. I got my first assignment yesterday, so I spent a few hours in the library. So far, so good though.

My birthday was yesterday, so my roommates made me my favorite meal and bought me a make your own Cold Stone Cake. It was awesome and really sweet of them. It made me feel at home. Then this morning one of my roommates made Bailey's iced cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were really yummy. My boyfriend is coming to visit for a few days today, and my parents are going to come up to visit on Sunday. I can not wait to see them.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The move in went well. Thankfully, I had help getting everything up here. My poor car never would have managed with all of the stuff that had to come with me. Getting things into and out of the car went fairly quickly. I even managed to make the apartment look like home in a pretty decent amount of time.

Monday I participated in orientation for the first year students. It was their first day, so a lot of people were nervous, which is expected. This year the students were allowed to have their parents attend orientation for the entire day. I thought this was an improvement from last year when we were tossed out on our own. The class of 09 was also much nicer and friendly than my class. When we went through orientation I remember thinking how stiff and non-friendly my classmates were, but this group of 1L's met on so a lot of them knew one another before orientation and were comfortable with one another.

Yesterday, one of my friends called me at 9 am and told me that if I could get over to school immediately I would be taken off the waitlist for a class that I really wanted. I jumped at the opportunity, but that meant that class started for me this week. I have to go through 25 hours of training this week before classes actually start on Monday. So, I got there and I was added to the class. It should be really interesting. When I went to the registrars office to get situated, she told me that I had 21 credits and had to drop something. I knew that was not possible, so we went down the list and they had taken me off the Waitlist for another class that I wanted. So, I dropped Intro to IP, and I am going to take 18 credits this semester. I think it should be ok.

I have class from 9 to 5 today so I need to run.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Today is my last day at my internship. It is definitely a bitter sweet experience. I really enjoyed working here, and getting to know all of my interesting and wonderful coworkers. The VP, my boss, and two of my coworkers took me to lunch on Monday. Then we had pizza yesterday, and today a few of the coworkers that I work directly with are taking me out to lunch. I brought in a few dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts this morning. That seems to have gone over really well. It was a nice way to mingle with everyone one last time.

The first real job that I had out of college was working for an international company, but in their small US office. Even though working for a small company had its advantages, I really enjoyed working for Prudential. I think I might have a hard time going back to a small company or firm. I just really mesh well with the big company atmosphere.

Anyway, leaving is going to be really sad and I am going to miss it. I am moving back to school tomorrow afternoon, so I have a lot of stuff to do. I do not have the time to get down about it. There are too many exciting things going on. Will write more later.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It is that time of year again - time to apply for summer positions. I updated my resume last night so that it has the journal membership, my current internship, and the clinical program that I will be in next semester.

My law school started a new job search system online. So far it has been very helpful. I think it will be much easier to find and apply for jobs this way. One of the features that the system has is the ability to create a meeting with a career counselor so that they can answer questions over the phone. I tried to sign up for one yesterday, but they were all booked until next week. Since I would miss a deadline if I waited that long, I emailed the head of career services to ask her my question. She was very timely getting back to me and said she did not mind that I emailed her direct because the time slots were full. I have to admit, our career services center is really stellar when it comes to helping students prepare for and apply for positions.

After work today, I am going to start sending my resumes out.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Ok, so the details. I got a phone call last night that informed me that I wrote on to the Science and Technology journal. I was thrilled because this was my first choice since I am really interested in technology. I did my masters thesis on computer mediated communication, so I am excited about the prospect of writing about the legal implications of CMC and online commerce. It should be exciting. Additionally, one of my roommates graded on to the Science and Tech journal, so now we can work together.

I have to attend a few days of orientation for the journal, so I have to move back to Albany in about two weeks. Since I will be there a week before my classes start and I am an ambassador, I am probably going to take part in some of the orientation events. That will keep me busy and out of trouble. The only thing that sucks about going up early is that I will be there for my birthday and be away from everyone. :( Oh well, they will have to come up and visit me on a weekend.

I got an email from career services; apparently it is time to apply for summer jobs for next year. I am going to update my resume this weekend and start sending out resumes next week. The VP of my department knows that I am thinking about applying at some firms for next summer, and has offered to send my resume out to some of the attorneys that he knows at firms in northern NJ and NYC. I thought that was really nice of him. I do not expect much to happen from it, but you never know it may help a door open for me.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.